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umbrella boy ☁ ☂


things all kpop fandoms agree on:

  • the leader is only cool for like a week after debut, then they become the biggest loser of the group
  • the maknae is either the biggest lil shit or the pampered lil fuck
  • SM more like slave me
  • jyp more like /whispers jyp/
  • yg more like wheres my comeback

leave it up to kim jonghyun to be the only one in the panel to focus on and congratulate you on the sex

10/100 reasons why i love baekhyun: the way how he leans on someone’s shoulder


sehun is uncomfortable with the baekai intimacy happening right in front of him

make me choose
↳ anonymous asked: onew or kris

Este es un tumblr principalmente de K-pop, pero en realidad reblogueamos todo lo que nos guste, incluido muchisimo Yaoi y Coreanos sexys fjds fsdfk. Somos dos fujoshis de Chile amantes de todo lo que sea parte de la cultura asiatica.

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